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Flotation Therapy – A Relaxing Experience

Flotation Therapy, a unique type of hydrotherapy that simulates zero gravity by dissolving approx. 1,100 pounds of Epsom salt into roughly 230 gallons of water. Float cabins are spacious and accomidating (perfect for clients who experience claustraophiba). Enjoy the soothing sounds of soft music, with a visual effect of star lights shining throughout the room.

Total sensory deprivation is available upon request.

Flotation therapy offers many different health benefits, including:

  • Decreasing of anxiety and depression
  • Improvements to your sleep
  • Lowers your level of stress
  • Relief from physical pains
  • Reducess stiffness in muscles

Contact us today to see if Floration Therapy is right for you!

Flotation Therapy Pricing

30 min.     $30
45 min.     $45
60 min.    $50
90 min.    $70

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