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Welcome to the new online presence of Nadya’s Massage & Bodywork. We are glad you found us! Our website provides detailed information about various services we offer, and the benefits of each.

Massage Therapy and other services are alternative forms of health & wellness which bring empowering benefits to your quality of life.

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Flotation Therapy


Testimonials from our Satisfied Customers

Flotation therapy is a life changer! Very clean rooms and personal space for before and after the floats!
– Heather

Today was the first time I went there…had a great massage..I definately will go back.
– Karen

I had a float session here. From the moment you walk in the door you are surrounded with tranquility. The music, the scents, the decor make the environment so relaxing. Into the float suite, you have your own over head shower, fresh linens, robe, ear protection even fresh smelling soaps at your fingertips. Once inside the float you are provided with ambient lighting if you wish, star gazing and soft music. The experience itself was absolutely amazing. My muscles love me for it! Thanks Nayda!!
– Amber