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Russian Clinical Massage

RCM (Russian Clinical Massage) works particularly well for a variety of illnesses and diseases or for post-operative rehabilitation purposes, whether  traumatic or chronic

The purpose of Russian Healing Massage is to bring balance and harmony to each and every system of the body as well as to harmonize and integrate the whole body. It means that massage affects the person on every level: physiological, emotional, mental and energetic levels. Also, by changing the breathing and relaxation patterns of a person during massage, the interaction of the individual with the outer world could be changed.

After a course of Russian Healing Massage therapy, clients report not only improvement of their well-being but also a change in their attitude toward life in general. They experience more endurance to stress, improvement in communication with other people and a more positive outlook on life.

The session consists of a wide variety of strokes and techniques.  The pressure at the beginning of the session is light in order to warm up and prepare the muscles for more vigorous techniques and deeper pressure. Although the pressure can often times become quite firm and penetrating it should never be painful. RCM is most effective if the body is not overwhelmed with pain upon the application of the techniques.

Incorporating massage into ones preventive healthcare routine is very important for a healthy balanced lifestyle. Massage increases circulation and lowers stress levels. One hour of massage is equal to four hours of sleep to the body. When the body has time to relax on a cellular level the immune system becomes stronger, injuries heal faster and there is a brighter perspective on life.